Suffering from a small gap, jagged edges or a chipped tooth?

  • Dental Bonding, also known as the ten-minute touch up, provides immediate results for aesthetically lacking teeth. Revitalizing the appearance of your smile; Dental Bonding could be the solution for you.

    Dental Bonding utilizes a special liquid composite resin; which may be hardened in an instant, by high-intensity light. Whilst in its liquid state we can pour, sculpt and mold the composite resin over the affected tooth. When the desired shape is achieved we zap it with high-intensity light.

    The greatest benefit of Dental Bonding is that the shade, translucency, and texture of your natural teeth can be matched; meaning your oral restoration will actually enhance the appearance of your smile. Dental Bonding enables you to resolve your or


Are your teeth diseased, decayed or aesthetically lacking?

  • Covering the entire surface of the tooth, Porcelain Crowns provide numerous aesthetic and functional benefits to patients.

    A Porcelain Crown is necessary when a tooth is in a poor condition. This is the case when a tooth begins to crack, break, is diseased or badly decayed. These conditions may be caused by; a large filling, the aging of the tooth, improper bite, grinding, poor oral hygiene, trauma to the mouth or after Root Canal treatment.

    Increased strength and stability are the major structural advantages provided by Porcelain Crowns. This method of treatment also produces aesthetic results; with the Crown having the same color, texture, and translucency as your existing teeth.

    Porcelain Crowns should be a painless procedure that takes two or three dental visits.

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  • The purpose of Crown and Bridgework is to restore the health and appearance of your smile after tooth loss. This treatment will restore lost teeth, support remaining teeth and help keep our teeth in proper position and proper bite.

    If you are faced with tooth loss or the destruction of tooth structure – Crown and Bridge treatment may be right for you. This long-term solution can help prevent the cycle of problems that occur when just one tooth is missing, such as shifting and drifting of remaining teeth, decay and periodontal bone loss.

    A Bridge is essentially a device anchored to surrounding teeth that replaces one or more existing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with cemented bridgework, the tooth on either side of the missing one must be prepared as crowns to serve as abutments, to hold the Bridge in place.

    This procedure usually takes from two to three appointments to complete. Since the Bridge must be carefully constructed to match your natural teeth and ensure a correct bite, several impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to the lab, which will construct the Bridge. Temporary Crowns will be applied to protect the exposed teeth until the next appointment.

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Preventive Care

Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Preventive Dentistry aims to reduce the required dental restorations in your lifetime. This process allows you to keep your beautiful, vibrant smile whilst still maintaining the healthy structure of your teeth and gums.

    Keeping your teeth for the rest of your life with minimal intervention is extremely important. Preventive care minimizes your risk of developing; tooth decay and Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease).

    Mastering the art of good dental hygiene is a fundamental component of Preventive Dentistry care. Preventive care is beneficial to patients of all ages and should begin as early as possible. It is essential that all members of your family are educated in the techniques required to attain good dental health. It is never too late or too early in life to begin good dental hygiene.

Designer Dentistry Tips for healthy teeth and gums:

  • Use a soft toothbrush with rounded bristles
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months
  • Brush twice daily
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride
  • Floss once dailyAvoid tobacco products
  • Avoid tobacco products
  • Avoid excessive alcohol use
  • Minimize the intake of highly acidic and/or sugary drinks (eg. Softdrinks – esp. black cola drinks)
  • Drink lots of water to keep hydrated

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